If the Holiday Season left you feeling sluggish and heavy, know that your body is resilient and can get back on track sooner than you think!

As we start a new year, many of us feel the temptation to go into extremes: diets that emphasize deprivation, harsh workout routines and severe calorie restriction… but before you jump into the next regime, give yourself and your body a few days to get back to normal.


Try these 5 simple tips to get back on track after the holidays and see how you feel:


1- Mix 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar in 1 little filtered water and sip throughout the day: this does wonders to help balance blood sugar levels, helping tackle the post-holiday cravings.

2- Avoid weighing yourself for at least 1 week: in another article, linked here, I explain how stress leads to elevated cortisol levels, possibly leading to weight gain. For most people, weighing themselves is a huge source of stress so try to avoid putting this extra pressure on yourself.

3- Get back to basics with your nutrition: by far the best way to feel better is to eat plenty of whole foods and little processed foods. Try to include lots of vegetables, especially green leafy ones to up your fiber intake, add more steamed cruciferous vegetables to aid the liver with gentle detoxification; some fruit (especially low sugar fruit such as berries and green apples) ensure you get good quality protein, healthy fats, wholesome grains such as and wild rice, quinoa, nuts and seeds. When you eat a good quality diet, your body is getting proper nourishment to perform its functions optimally, including gentle detoxification.

4- Commit to moving your body for 15 minutes a day, preferably outside. This helps on many levels, including reducing stress levels and stimulating the lymphatic system to push out toxins from the body.

5- Finally, be kind and patient with yourself. If you had a little too much throughout the holidays, know your body has the capacity to recover its balance. Try to avoid going into extremes, especially at this time and rather focus on being patient with yourself as you fall back into your routines. If you want to make some changes, choose a plan that you can sustain in the long run.