Nutrient & Hormone Testing

How we can help?

Diagnostic Testing helps us assess your nutrient levels, thyroid function, hormone levels and much more

Finding Answers

In addition to taking a thorough look at your health from head to toe, lab tests can help us to figure out why you’re not feeling healthy and full of energy.

Beyond the Basics

In addition to standard blood testing, we offer saliva hormone testing, cortisol testing, hair element analysis, as well as DUTCH urine hormone tests.

Aiming for Optimal, Not “Normal”

If  your health isn’t at its best, things aren’t “normal.”  We review your lab testing to ensure you can achieve and maintain optimal health.

TSH testing

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Ottawa’s Trusted
Nutrient, Thyroid & Hormone Testing

Docere Naturopathic Clinic is a trusted source for complete thyroid, nutrient and hormone testing in Ottawa, Gatineau, the Ottawa Valley and across Eastern Ontario. Our reliable screening methods and proven assessment techniques ensure accurate results for you. Our trained holistic team then work with you to chart a path towards recovery and well-being.

How we can help?

How Docere Works

Docere Naturopathic Clinic presents a thorough, fully-customized yet affordable wellness experience that’s
designed to help you reach your health & well-being goals.


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We run tests to gauge your state of health

We engage in the diagnostic process to better understand your current health and benchmark your progress.


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Enrol in the service that best suits you

Choose the well-being treatment plan that best suits your health needs and goals.


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Customized supplements specifically for you

Customized vitamins & supplements are an integral part of your well-being plan.


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Your dreams of feeling good are within reach

Strive to be your best you, healthy and confident.

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