Botanical Medicine

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Botanical Medicine is a time-tested approach to holistic
well-being, using herbs and plant-based health treatments.

Promote Natural Healing

Botanical Medicine stimulates your body’s own ability to heal and reach wellness.

Stabilizes Hormones and Metabolism

Botanical Medicines are powerful hormone balancers which can also support a healthy thyroid and metabolism.

Fewer Side Effects

Even better, plant-based Herbal or Botanical treatments aren’t accompanied by a ridiculously long list of side-effects.

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Ottawa’s Trusted Botanical
Medicine Service

Docere Naturopathic Clinic is your trusted source of Botanical Medicine in Ottawa. Our training and experience with various forms, approaches and techniques of herbal medicine translate to a powerful strategy for your overall wellness. We’ve carefully evaluated a wide array of botanical medicine to ensure you’re getting the best course of treatment. Let’s get started today by working together on a plant-based approach to your well-being!

How we can help?

How Docere Works

Docere Naturopathic Clinic offers a fully-customizable wellness experience that’s simple to follow and
affordably within reach.


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Perform testing & diagnosis

We run tests and get a thorough diagnosis on your current state of health.


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Choose the treatment(s) that suit you best

Select a treatment plan that aims to boost your health and wellness.


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Customize a selection of supplements

Diet + vitamins & supplements = a crucial wellness component


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Reach for that fell-good state of wellness

You can achieve health, happiness and a confident lifestyle

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