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Are Food Sensitivities Causing your Health to Suffer?

As an ND I am often asked about food allergies and food sensitivities in practice.  What is important is to help patients understand the difference between food allergies and sensitivities and how they are affecting their health. Food Allergy – IgE reaction – Immediate These are the reactions diagnosed with a skin prick test.  The reaction is quick and can be life threatening in the case of anaphylaxis.  Other common reactions include hives, eczema, breathing and digestive problems. Because they are immediate they are much easier to diagnose. Allergen → Body releases IgE → Triggers release of histamine → Allergic reaction Food Sensitivity – IgG reaction – Delayed reaction can take 24-72 hours to develop In food sensitivities, the body is exposed to an allergen and releases IgG antibodies which...

Taking the Tricks out of the Treats – Making Informed Choices

Written by Dr. Clare Sullivan, abortion Naturopathic Doctor Halloween is just around the corner, and let’s be honest, it is a super FUN holiday! The sound of leaves crunching under your feet, staying up late on a school night, dressing up as your favorite superhero and getting free treats everywhere you turn – what could be better?  There is no denying the excitement it brings.  Today, in light that parents and children alike will be eating way too much sugar (and salt, food additives, food colouring, etc.) next Monday evening, I would like to talk about keeping things in perspective, to help us all make informed choices. Sugar The World Health Organization recommends a maximum daily intake of added sugar (for adults) of 25 grams per day,...


Back to Work & Off to Daycare: Practical Steps to Keep Baby Healthy

Written by:  Dr. Clare Sullivan, order Naturopathic Doctor Returning to work post-parental leave can be filled with mixed emotions.  You may feel excited about re-entering an adult environment, reconnecting with friends and colleagues.  Perhaps there is apprehension about sending your little one off to daycare for the first time.  Some feeling of sadness surrounding leaving your baby and inevitably missing some of their first moments.  And more than likely a curiosity verging on overwhelm when you consider trying to “balance” work, parenthood, romantic relationships, friendships, exercise, nutrition and other hobbies (I will have more to say on balance shortly). Let’s imagine that you have transitioned.  You have navigated through the mixed emotions and baby is feeling settled in daycare, you are back to work and there...