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Who Can Benefit from an Immune Boosting IV Treatment?

Scrolling through the list of conditions that IV therapy can treat can seem a little overwhelming. It is true that there are many conditions that can benefit from IV therapy so in the next series of blogs we hope to help you understand how specific nutrients can help certain conditions and why.   Let’s begin with the Immune Boosting IV. This IV is ideal when you know you will be exposed to illness for example prior to a long flight, if you have family or co-workers around you who are sick or if you are feeling a bit off. It can also help speed a slow recovery following illness to get back to feeling 100%.   The immune boosting bag has a combination of nutrients to balance it out...


Why Do I Need An Initial Consultation Before Getting an IV Infusion?

So you’ve heard about IV vitamins and now you’re excited to get started! Right. Away. We understand that you’re excited and anxious to get started with treatments quickly, but our job as Naturopathic Doctors is to ensure that your treatments will be safe and effective.   1- Keeping You Safe IV (intravenous) therapy involves administering vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream. While these treatments are generally safe when correctly performed, they do carry some risks. By having an initial consultation with one of our Naturopathic Doctors, we help ensure that any treatment you receive will be safe for you. We will review your allergies, current medications and natural supplements to ensure that there won’t be any interactions or unpleasant side-effects. We will also send you...


Are you suffering from the #1 nutritional deficiency affecting women?

Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency worldwide, with almost 10 percent of women being considered iron deficient. Iron is an essential mineral nutrient that is required for helping transport oxygen throughout the blood. When there isn’t enough iron in the bloodstream, the body cannot get the amount of oxygen it requires to function optimally which may lead to fatigue, shortness of breath and eventually anemia. Are your symptoms caused by iron deficiency? The most common symptoms include: Fatigue Mood changes Fast heartbeat or shortness of breath Dizziness or lightheadedness Cold hands and feet Hair loss or thinning  What causes iron deficiency? Iron deficiency can be caused by a low intake of iron in the diet, poor absorption of iron due to digestive issues or blood loss from long,...

5 Strategies for Surviving Allergy Season

May flowers bring Kleenex season! Don't let allergy season get the best of you. Here are my top tips for surviving allergy season: Get into the habit of nasal rinsing Yes, I know, the idea of shooting water up your nose is almost worse than the allergies themselves, but trust me and give it a try. Nasal rinsing involves rinsing the nasal passages and sinuses with saline water. It helps to flush out pollens that you’ve breathed it and keeps your nasal passages moist which is a key barrier for the immune system. My favorite tool is the Neil Med Sinus Rinse bottle which is available in local pharmacies. Nasal sprays can provide some relief but I don’t find them as effective as nasal rinsing which really...

Back to Work & Off to Daycare: Practical Steps to Keep Baby Healthy

Written by:  Dr. Clare Sullivan, order Naturopathic Doctor Returning to work post-parental leave can be filled with mixed emotions.  You may feel excited about re-entering an adult environment, reconnecting with friends and colleagues.  Perhaps there is apprehension about sending your little one off to daycare for the first time.  Some feeling of sadness surrounding leaving your baby and inevitably missing some of their first moments.  And more than likely a curiosity verging on overwhelm when you consider trying to “balance” work, parenthood, romantic relationships, friendships, exercise, nutrition and other hobbies (I will have more to say on balance shortly). Let’s imagine that you have transitioned.  You have navigated through the mixed emotions and baby is feeling settled in daycare, you are back to work and there...