Why you should do a cleanse twice a year

Have you ever done a whole body cleanse? A cleanse, also known as a detox, is a good way to give your detoxification organs a bit of extra help. Your liver, kidneys, and digestive system are always working to remove toxins from your body. However, sometimes your body just needs a bit of help to get through the accumulating toxins.

There are many different ways to conduct a cleanse or detox. One thing you should keep in mind is that when your body can’t process toxins fast enough, it pushes them mainly into your fat tissues. Cleanses that are too drastic may take the toxins out of fat tissues faster than your body can eliminate them.

When toxins cannot be eliminated properly, they circulate in your body, probably causing more harm than when they were in fat tissues. This is why a more gentle approach is recommended.

How detoxification works

Normally, toxins, which are fat-soluble, go through your liver to go through two phases of changes. The first phase makes the toxin water-soluble. However, this new molecule is often more harmful than the original toxin. The second phase changes that toxin so that it’s now safe to excrete, often through the bowels.

However, in many people, the liver cannot seem to keep up with the demand. That second phase of detoxification is a bit slow. Toxins then build up faster than they can be removed.

This is why it’s a good idea to do a cleanse or detox twice a year, in the spring and the fall. Think of it as an oil change on your car. When you do regular maintenance on your car, it runs much more smoothly than when you wait for problems to occur. Cleansing twice a year makes each cleanse easier on your body. It also helps ensure that the “backlog” of toxins is taken care of before it can cause any real issues.