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5 Strategies for Surviving Allergy Season

May flowers bring Kleenex season! Don't let allergy season get the best of you. Here are my top tips for surviving allergy season: Get into the habit of nasal rinsing Yes, I know, the idea of shooting water up your nose is almost worse than the allergies themselves, but trust me and give it a try. Nasal rinsing involves rinsing the nasal passages and sinuses with saline water. It helps to flush out pollens that you’ve breathed it and keeps your nasal passages moist which is a key barrier for the immune system. My favorite tool is the Neil Med Sinus Rinse bottle which is available in local pharmacies. Nasal sprays can provide some relief but I don’t find them as effective as nasal rinsing which really...

Are Food Sensitivities Causing your Health to Suffer?

As an ND I am often asked about food allergies and food sensitivities in practice.  What is important is to help patients understand the difference between food allergies and sensitivities and how they are affecting their health. Food Allergy – IgE reaction – Immediate These are the reactions diagnosed with a skin prick test.  The reaction is quick and can be life threatening in the case of anaphylaxis.  Other common reactions include hives, eczema, breathing and digestive problems. Because they are immediate they are much easier to diagnose. Allergen → Body releases IgE → Triggers release of histamine → Allergic reaction Food Sensitivity – IgG reaction – Delayed reaction can take 24-72 hours to develop In food sensitivities, the body is exposed to an allergen and releases IgG antibodies which...