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Re-thinking New Years Resolutions and Our Health Goals

I love the feeling of a new year and the possibilities it brings! And while I don’t set New Years resolutions anymore, I have a natural inclination to go inwards and think of aspects of my life around which I want to reflect upon and make some changes throughout the year.   As human beings, we naturally want to reach higher and sometimes a challenge is exactly what we need to discover just how much we’re actually capable of. While I’m all for supporting people in setting goals for themselves, I find many of us simply set goals that are unrealistic. This eventually takes us back to square one, yet with a greater sense of frustration, disappointment and failure. This is particularly common among those of us...

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5 Tips to Get Back on Track after the Holidays

If the Holiday Season left you feeling sluggish and heavy, know that your body is resilient and can get back on track sooner than you think! As we start a new year, many of us feel the temptation to go into extremes: diets that emphasize deprivation, harsh workout routines and severe calorie restriction… but before you jump into the next regime, give yourself and your body a few days to get back to normal.   Try these 5 simple tips to get back on track after the holidays and see how you feel:   1- Mix 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar in 1 little filtered water and sip throughout the day: this does wonders to help balance blood sugar levels, helping tackle the post-holiday cravings. 2- Avoid weighing yourself for at...

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A Holistic Nutritionist’s Tips to Feel Your Best this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time to enjoy ourselves in the company of loved ones and food is certainly at the center of many of our celebratory traditions. All those parties and gatherings with friends, co-workers and family, time off from work, trips and delicious meals are great way to break the routine, something that many of us embrace. But for many of us, the holiday season can also create a lot of excess, especially with food and drinks.       I am a huge proponent of enjoying the beauty of this season in a balanced way, this means we need to break the all-or-nothing mentality and ditch deprivation, especially when it comes to food.   In my personal and clinical experience as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I notice that when...