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Ideal weight: How I Got There and How I Maintain it

Let’s start by saying, reaching and maintaining one’s ideal weight is a journey that has less to do with the number of calories consumed in a given day, and more with the quality of the foods, and the daily habits that support a healthy weight and overall wellbeing.   For about 2 decades I struggled with my weight and, just like most of the people I work with, I was stuck in a cycle of restrictive dieting and food obsession that was causing a number of imbalances in my body. People often ask me what I did not only to lose weight and keep it off for years, but also, to free myself from the damaging cycle of dieting. So, I started giving a lot of thought...

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A Holistic Nutritionist’s Tips to Feel Your Best this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time to enjoy ourselves in the company of loved ones and food is certainly at the center of many of our celebratory traditions. All those parties and gatherings with friends, co-workers and family, time off from work, trips and delicious meals are great way to break the routine, something that many of us embrace. But for many of us, the holiday season can also create a lot of excess, especially with food and drinks.       I am a huge proponent of enjoying the beauty of this season in a balanced way, this means we need to break the all-or-nothing mentality and ditch deprivation, especially when it comes to food.   In my personal and clinical experience as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I notice that when...