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Oil And Flowers

The Many Benefits of Castor Oil

Recently, after we ran out of castor oil once again, Dr’s Clare and Sarah had an enthusiastic chat about their favorite uses of castor oil. Both agree that it is one of their favorite products for its flexibility, its ease of use and its cost. It’s a staple in both their home medicine cabinets and is almost always on the shelf at the clinic. What exactly is castor oil? A vegetable oil obtained from the castor bean (or seed) grown predominantly in Brazil, India and East Africa. Documentation of its use dates to ancient Egypt but has been used throughout the ages in both the health and beauty industries. Although very safe for use from head to toe, both doctors caution to not use it internally due...

IV therapy bag

Who Can Benefit from an Immune Boosting IV Treatment?

Scrolling through the list of conditions that IV therapy can treat can seem a little overwhelming. It is true that there are many conditions that can benefit from IV therapy so in the next series of blogs we hope to help you understand how specific nutrients can help certain conditions and why.   Let’s begin with the Immune Boosting IV. This IV is ideal when you know you will be exposed to illness for example prior to a long flight, if you have family or co-workers around you who are sick or if you are feeling a bit off. It can also help speed a slow recovery following illness to get back to feeling 100%.   The immune boosting bag has a combination of nutrients to balance it out...


Why Do I Need An Initial Consultation Before Getting an IV Infusion?

So you’ve heard about IV vitamins and now you’re excited to get started! Right. Away. We understand that you’re excited and anxious to get started with treatments quickly, but our job as Naturopathic Doctors is to ensure that your treatments will be safe and effective.   1- Keeping You Safe IV (intravenous) therapy involves administering vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream. While these treatments are generally safe when correctly performed, they do carry some risks. By having an initial consultation with one of our Naturopathic Doctors, we help ensure that any treatment you receive will be safe for you. We will review your allergies, current medications and natural supplements to ensure that there won’t be any interactions or unpleasant side-effects. We will also send you...

Essential Minerals Series: All About Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that we talk about often in our practice, and is the first mineral in our Essential Minerals Blog Post Series by Dr. Clare Sullivan.   Why is talking about zinc so important? Because it is the 2nd most abundant essential trace mineral. It is absorbed in the small intestines and excreted in through the kidneys (urine), skin (sweat) and bowels. It was first discovered to be essential only 50 years ago but since then has been found to be required for optimal health. Some of the roles of zinc in the body: Immune function Protein synthesis Reproductive health Wound healing Brain function Thyroid health Sense of taste and smell Production of stomach acid Stimulates apoptosis – programmed cell death What are the signs and symptoms...