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someone experincing winter blues

A Nutritionist Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Years ago, when I didn’t understand about the connection between my mood and the foods I ate, I would struggle with the winter blues. By this time of the year, I would start to feel rather low energy. This affected my motivation to do things such as get out there, get fresh air, and socialize. As a result, I would spend my days going to work and then going home and crashing. With low energy and feeling unmotivated, I would put together a high-carb dinner and munch on chocolate almonds while watching TV (glad to report this was before the Netflix days :D). This was also the time when I struggled a lot with my weight. I wanted to lose weight but my habits were hindering my...

Essential Minerals Series: All About Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that we talk about often in our practice, and is the first mineral in our Essential Minerals Blog Post Series by Dr. Clare Sullivan.   Why is talking about zinc so important? Because it is the 2nd most abundant essential trace mineral. It is absorbed in the small intestines and excreted in through the kidneys (urine), skin (sweat) and bowels. It was first discovered to be essential only 50 years ago but since then has been found to be required for optimal health. Some of the roles of zinc in the body: Immune function Protein synthesis Reproductive health Wound healing Brain function Thyroid health Sense of taste and smell Production of stomach acid Stimulates apoptosis – programmed cell death What are the signs and symptoms...