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10 Steps To Clean Up Your Diet

Written by: Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur, buy ND 1. Ditch Plastics Plastics (from water bottles and food containers) can contain chemicals that have estrogen-like properties and have been linked to weight gain, help diabetes, and infertility. Even BPA-free plastics can have these effects. 2. Drink Pure, Filtered Water Unfiltered tap water can contain chlorine, fluoride and other chemical contaminants. Carbon filters (such as Brita) only remove small amounts of chlorine. The gold standard in water filtration is reverse osmosis. 3. Go Organic Organic food contains less pesticides and chemicals and isn’t raised using hormones or antibiotics. The most important foods to choose organic are dairy, meat, and the Dirty Dozen fruits and vegetables. 4. Choose Your Meat Wisely Whether or not meat is “healthy” is in large part determined by how the meat is raised. Conventionally raised animal meats...